Angry Birds Star Wars

Play as one of the birds in a Star Wars game


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  • Category Action
  • Program license Trial version
  • Version 1.3.0
  • Size 78.71 MB
  • Works under: Windows Vista
  • Also available for Android 
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Rovio

Follow Angry Birds to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Angry Birds is one of the most popular and successful strategy gaming franchises in the world and has collected millions of fans in just a few short years. As the name suggests, this edition follows the Star Wars theme and players will have the chance to see the Angry Birds in a whole new way as they get into character and have fun with this popular theme.

The creators of Angry Birds have been using their experience to make sure that each episode in the gaming saga is better than the last. Angry Birds Star Wars is no exception and gamers will love the imaginatively created levels complete with their own take on the twin Tatooine suns and the Death star trench ruins. It is clear that the creators are fans of Star Wars and have done the film franchise justice while also adding their own quirky and often very funny touches.

The game manages to stay true to the legendary films while still having fun with the concept at the same time. The game has chosen the original 1977 Star Wars film as its theme and the eighty different stages represent certain scenes from the film. Players will want to do their best to complete the game so that they can reach the climax and help save the day.

One of the best touches in this game is that each of the main Angry Birds characters has been given a Star Wars makeover. The gigantic Chewbacca bird is particularly endearing, while the classic red bird has been transformed into Luke Skywalker. Naturally, the pigs take on the roles of Storm Troopers and provide a good combination of cuteness and menace. There are also plenty of opportunities to face off against the evil pig Darth Vader and hopefully send him to his doom.

Each of the birds has been given special powers that match the Star Wars theme well and players will be able to activate the red Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber after the bird has been launched, while the Obi-Wan Kenobi bomber birds uses the Force to push blocks out of the way.

These special powers add a new dimension to the game without straying too far from the tried and true format. The creators have managed to tap into the elements that players love while also providing something a little bit extra this time around to ensure that gamers keep coming back for more. What could have been rather a dull gimmick is actually very charming and exciting and there are more interactive elements in this game than ever.

Having to use the special abilities after birds have been launched helps to make moves trickier and combines skill with strategy. Some of the pig villains such as Darth Vader now have powers of their own and this evil piggy is able to use the Force against you if you are not carefully. Try to take out this character quickly before he causes damage to your bird warriors and makes his empire even stronger.

If you are a fan of Angry Birds and Star Wars you are sure to love this engaging game. Like all of the episodes in the Angry Birds series, this edition features colourful and cheeky characters combined with an interesting story that makes it both fun and very addictive.


  • Birds use the Force to solve puzzles
  • Great use of classic Star Wars characters and locations
  • More skill required to solve puzzles
  • Well developed gaming concept


  • If you don’t like Angry Birds, you probably won’t like this game
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